Sweeties, Stickies and Sundaes


Toasted waffle or buttermilk pancake, Dairydale banana ice cream, sliced banana and butterscotch sauce.

The Bakery Brownie

Warm chocolate brownie with Dairydale peanut butter ice cream, salted caramel sauce and peanut brittle


Oreo cookies dipped in buttermilk pancake batter and deep fried, they end up like a doughnut with an Oreo in the middle ! Served with Dairydale cookies and cream ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Big Apple

Hot apple hush puppies – like a sweet fritter – with Dairydale apple pie ice cream ‘n’ custard.

Baked N.Y. Cheesecake

Vanilla cheesecake with a topper of saucy blackcherries and a dollop of Dairydale ice cream.


Choose 3 scoops of our Dairydale ice creams – banana, apple pie, cookies ‘n’ cream, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or peanut butter.