Spare Ribs: the king of finger food

By July 22, 2015 ECK News No Comments

Once seen as a cheaper alternative, spare ribs are rightly earning a place on everyone’s favourite menus. Cultures across the world have adopted spare ribs as their own, offering endless combinations of spices and flavour.

It is thought that this cut of meat harks back to times when our ancestors would ensure they made use of every single cut of meat possible. It’s not always been glamorous, but the spare rib is now one of the most popular, and most requested, pieces of meat on the East Coast Kitchen menu. So much so that the 4th July is in fact National Barbequed Spare Ribs Day.

Here at East Coast Kitchen, our ribs have become a house speciality. After two years of development and careful refining, as well as some expert tasting of course, we’ve brought the best of the rib world to the East Coast.

Our expert rib-loving chef has introduced the notoriously scrumptious cuisines of Memphis, Kansas and Chicago to our menu.

The cleanest of our three, the Memphis ribs are prepared with a dry spice rub and no sauce, meaning less of the mess but still keeping the finger-licking goodness every spare rib dish should leave you with. The quality and flavour of the meat we use is the most important element here, letting you fully experience these fall-off-the-bone beauties.

Moving north with our Kansas ribs, our dry spice rub meets our in-house mop, a vinegar based sauce added whilst the meat is cooking. With over 100 BBQ restaurants, Kansas knows what they’re doing when it comes to this style of cooking, naming itself the ‘world’s BBQ capital’.

If these sound too tame for you, we have the Chicago fire ribs to get your taste buds flaring. This time, we add a smoky hot sauce, courtesy of The Chilli Jam Man, to the traditional dry spice rub to heat things up.

Just in case you needed one, here’s your excuse to try them all!