East Coast Kitchen launches ‘Friends vs Food’ concept with 8lb Easter Sundae

By April 2, 2015 ECK News No Comments
East Coast Kitchen Easter Challenge

It weighs in at eight pounds, contains a whopping 12,000 calories and contains 80 scoops of ice cream, six crème eggs, two giant Easter eggs and much, much more: the new Easter Sundae from food challenge specialists East Coast Kitchen is the UK’s biggest dessert.

But fear not: customers don’t need to tackle it alone thanks to East Coast Kitchen’s latest food challenge concept: Friends vs Food.

For Easter weekend only, the Scarborough restaurant is offering up to four friends the chance to take on the £10-per-head monster dessert together.

However, head chef, restaurant owner and Easter Sundae creator Andrew Porter believes that, even with the help for up to three friends, the challenge will be unbeatable.

Porter said: “I’ve created a lot of food challenges over the years, but this is the toughest. It contains the most calories and, even for four people, will be near-impossible to beat.

“We wanted to mark the bank holiday weekend, and the Easter Sundae seemed like a great way to do that. Lots of people give up sugar and chocolate for Lent, so we’re helping them to fall off the wagon in spectacular style!

“We run a lot of man vs food-style challenges – monster burgers, hot wings, pancakes – and they always go down a storm with customers. But this is the biggest on-menu dessert we, or anybody, has ever created.”

In full, the Easter Sundae comprises: 80 scoops of vanilla ice cream, one can of UHT squirty cream, six crème eggs, 600g of chocolate mini eggs, two giant triple-choc cookies, 300g mini eggs, two full-size Easter eggs, chocolate sauce, 100g chocolate buttons.

Customers must take part in teams of four, and must complete the challenge within an hour. Anybody who conquers the challenge will find themselves on the restaurant’s wall of fame. For the losers, an eternal spot on the wall of shame.