Just Burgers

These burgers come with fries and hamburger relish.

Big Cheese

3 flat iron steak burgers topped with melting Monterey Jack cheese in a bakery bun – £12.95

The King

2 pork and apple burgers with Monterey Jack cheese, Boston butt barbeque pulled pork, crispy American style bacon and apple sauce – £12.95

Special Burgers

All served with fries, beer battered onion ring, California salad and house slaw.


Topped with Monterey Jack cheese, American style crispy bacon, with a smokey pitt sauce and scraper-stylie Cajun onions) – price now £11.95

Inferno Tower

Flat iron steak burger with a mighty fine topping of Monterey Jack cheese, Texan chilli, sour cream and jalepenos – £11.95


Flat iron steak burger with Monterey Jack cheese, burnt ends, smoked rapeseed oil mayo and a sunny side up fried egg. – £11.95

Big Pig

Pork and apple burger with Monterey Jack cheese and a heap of Boston butt barbeque pulled pork and a dollop of apple sauce – £11.95

Apple Hog

Pork and apple  burger with Monterey Jack cheese, crispy American style bacon, apple sauce and a stack of Cajun onion rings – £11.95

Double Trouble

2 flat iron steak burgers, just plain apart from a pot of hamburger relish – £10.95