Britain’s love affair with the burger shows no sign of abating

By June 30, 2015 ECK News No Comments

ECK BurgerThe Great British burger explosion of the past couple of years is showing no sign of slowing down. The sector is seeing more and more creativity, and a greater than ever focus on quality.

Meanwhile, our collective idea of what a burger should be has changed massively: gone are the bad old days of pub burgers that were little more than a thin, overcooked beef patty between a soggy bun, with a sliver of cheese if you were lucky.

At ECK, we offer gourmet-quality burgers that are designed and prepared by our classically-trained chef, Andrew.

Plus, people are now starting to realise that the types of burgers you can get at a well-known fast food outlet really don’t represent the

Britain’s burger joint customers are savvy and clued-up. They know what they want, they are open to experimentation, and, most importantly, they are hungry for more!

At East Coast Kitchen, we’d like to think we’ve brought our own personal touch to the world of burgers. We try to do the simple stuff brilliantly, and add enough of our own twists that no trip to ECK is ever the same – and there is enough variety that, what you find here, you won’t get anywhere else.

Our beef burgers are flat iron steak burgers – picked because they give the best flavour. The cheese is Monterey Jack, because of the flavour and the way it melts. It’s the perfect burger cheese.

Then we offer a huge range of finishing touches. Pulled pork, burnt ends, slaw, apple sauce, Texan chilli… it means you can customise your burger to create something you won’t forget in a hurry.

Our huge onions rings are freshly made and beer battered, because it gives a crispness and depth of flavour that you won’t get elsewhere.

When the burgers are topped with bacon, we only use the best, thinnest, tastiest American-style bacon, because its flavour complements the burgers perfectly.ECK-Burger-small

And our ingredients are, wherever possible, locally sourced from suppliers we know and trust, because it’s the best way for us to guarantee consistency and quality.

When you now how the best do it, and when you’re tried our burgers, you won’t want to go anywhere else again.

If that’s left you feeling hungry, you can contact us any time on 01723 377290 to book your table. We’re open from 10am til late, so it’s always burger time at ECK!