Britains First Man V Food Chef Introduces “The Juicy BiggEiffer”

By March 27, 2015 ECK News No Comments

As the creator of the previous Man v Food challenges, I believe that this is the biggest and best so far.

The Juicy BigeifferTHE CHALLENGE IS

– 3 x 24oz juicy lucys
– 12 x rashers of bacon
– tomato slices
– streetcart onions
– shredded iceberg
– smokey pitt sauce

Pictured here, the Juicy BigEiffer sits next to our standard bun…. yes, that is how big it is!

I believe that this challenge is unbeatable, so, Im putting my money where my mouth is. Complete this challenge in 1 hour and you’ll get it FOR FREE. Not only that, you’ll get a gift voucher* to the value of £100 to whoever completes it. Yup, £100. Just for eating !

There’s rules though…..

Absolutely NO sharing, you can put whatever extra sauces you like on it but everything must be gone off the board for the challenge to be complete. You will be timed. No bathroom breaks either. Sit back and have a rest if you like, but the clock keeps ticking….

Time Limit 1 hour

For a limited time only…£30 (will be priced at £40 in the future)

*voucher redeemable against food only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer